The Charter for Women in Business

The Charter for Women in Business is a code of practice for organisations and individuals who want to improve the business support and services they deliver to women. You can find Charter supporters in your area here

Charter supporters can download a PDF version of the Charter here.

Please display the Charter and link to this page when you use the Charter logo. To find out more about becoming a Charter supporter, see here

We are committed to delivering services that:

Lead by example

Active commitment to supporting women in business.

  • Women excel as leaders and role models in our organisation and are prominent in our events and marketing materials.
  • Our team takes part in training and development to improve services for women.

Empower by approach

We help clients to come to their own decisions.

  • We provide information, sign-posting and constructive advice on the options available and then support clients to come to their own conclusions about the best way forward.
  • We use plain English and avoid unnecessary jargon.
  • We are not judgemental. We won’t patronise or make you feel small.

are Accomplished

We are equipped to deliver a quality service in our area of expertise.

  • We have up-to-date knowledge, experience and all necessary qualifications.
  • We follow the professional standards and practices for our industry.

and Progressive

We actively support women in business.

  • There’s no single route to business success. We respect women who choose to balance business with other priorities or to progress at their own pace.
  • We’re aware of barriers that can hold women back and we try to make our services accessible to more women.
  • We challenge unhelpful stereotypes and place no limits on your ambitions.

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