Welcome to the Charter for Women in Business

The Charter for Women in Business is a code of practice, training and marketing tool for organisations that support women to start and grow businesses. It builds on international best practice and more importantly entrepreneurial women give it their full approval.

Since 2008, for the first time, more women than men set up businesses in the UK. But the gender gap is growing when it comes to business income and investment. The Charter for Women in Business aims to help close the gap.

Improving services for women is a huge opportunity for female-led businesses, your service and the UK economy.


How the Charter for Women in Business will help your organisation…


Better Marketing

Enhanced marketing to women in business. The Charter logo signals to women that your services are geared to their needs. And Charter Supporters are show-cased in a well-promoted Directory, Events Listings and Expert advice opportunities on the popular Prowess website.


Training & Development

A practical and accessible tool, designed to make a difference. The Charter is easy for staff, associates and partners to understand and adopt. The principles are backed by an accessible online training programme and self-assessment.


More Clients

Increased share of a fast growing part of the economy. The number of women starting businesses has increased by 30% since 2008, compared to 7% for men. The Charter for Women in Business will help you to increase your share of the growing women in business market.

For less than the cost of a single day’s training…

davina tanner

Davina Tanner, New Anglia LEP

New Anglia LEP is committed to ensuring that we achieve a more balanced workforce that enables growth across Norfolk and Suffolk and as a champion of this agenda we’ve been very keen to ensure that our own organisation’s practises support gender equality. This is why we were the first in line to become a Prowess Charter member and sign up to do the Women in Business self -assessment.

Sue stockdale

Sue Stockdale – Executive Coach, Leadership and Women’s Enterprise Specialist

The Charter for Women in Business formalises what in many ways is just “good practice” but so many companies are not aware of. It is a great way to raise awareness and accelerate the support for women-led businesses.

The Charter helps your business deliver services to women in ways women say they want them. Services that:

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Lead by example

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Empower by approach

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Shape 102and Progressive

Teal empty finalThe Charter for Women in Business will inspire your team, partners and your customers. It’s easy to understand and engage with.


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The Charter builds on quality standards for women in business, but is leaner and designed to reach many more women in business.


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It has been tested on and overwhelmingly approved by women who are starting and who run their own business.

Make a difference

Effective business support and services help to fuel women’s business start-up, development and leadership success.

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